At Approach Vector, we’re very strong believers in people being able to do what they want online, without the worry that their every move is tracked. It’s for this reason that we have created this easy to read and understand document informing you about our practices.

This document was last updated May 21, 2015.

When you visit our site


Whenever you go to a website, the owner can see information that can be used to identify you, or at least narrow down who you are, such as your IP address. There are certain analytic software packages and ad networks that can track your activity, even across different browsing sessions and aggregate them to show what you’ve been looking at and build up a profile on your viewing habits.

We don’t care to track who is looking at what, we’re only interested in what pages are being looked at, and the device that is being used. This is important to us as different devices have different capabilities and there’s no point making our site reliant on a function that not many of our visitors have.

The only information that we record is non-identifiable.


We have some analytics software running on our site called Mint which we use to work out what kind of devices are being used to visit our site. The difference between Mint and, say, Google Analytics is that our analytics are stored only on our servers. No data is transferred to other companies to do the data processing.

Using Mint, we can see what browsers are being used (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), what size screen you’re using, what version of the computer or mobile device’s operating system you’re running. These are all transmitted to a web server when you visit it, Mint just allows us to see the data a bit easier.

What we don’t store is your IP address. In fact, we’ve edited some of the functionality of Mint so it specifically doesn’t track your IP address. It’s not information that is useful or helpful to us, so there’s no need to keep track of it.

We use Mint for analytics. All of the information it gathers happens locally and it stays on our servers.

We look at the types of browsers, operating systems, and screen size so we know that what we're making is going to work properly.

We don't log your IP address.


All of the data transmitted between our site and your web browser is encrypted. You can verify this by looking for the padlock icon in the address bar of your browser. This is to prevent eavesdropping on the communications in transit. All reasonable steps have been taken to secure the data that is submitted to us, and if we were ever to discover that any of the data to do with what you have submitted to us has been compromised in anyway, then we would let you know.

Our website is transmitted to you securely, so there's no eavesdropping happening.

When you contact us

We request two details from you: your name, and your email address. This is just so we know how to get in contact with you.

You won’t be added to any mailing lists, signed up for promotions, or have your details passed to anyone else, unless we ask you for permission in advance, or you ask us to do that for you.

The only time that we would share your details without your permission with anyone outside of our business is if we were required to by law.

We ask for your name and email address so we can get back in contact with you.

We won't share, sell, leak, or give away your details to any third party unless required by law.